El Sobre Verde

el sobre vede

In its eagerness to promote Spanish musical culture, With its passion for promoting Spanish musical culture and in particular the Spanish zarzuela, the Guerrero Foundation presents a modern version of the classic musical “The Green Envelope” (El Sobre Verde) by Jacinto Guerrero. The outstanding jazz band arrangement by Nacho de Paz and the entertaining stage direction of Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer bring this production close to the North American influences that inspired Guerrero himself.


Script: Enrique Paradas and Joaquín Jiménez
Music: Jacinto Guerrero
Jazz band arrangement: Nacho de Paz
Stage Direction: Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer

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A Sintonía Media production for the Jacinto and Inocencio Guerrero Foundation

Recorded on October 1st and 2nd, 2016 at the Cuenca Auditorium

Theatre, Spain