OCNE Presentation Gala 2015-2016 season, “The Damned”

Once more, the Spanish National Orchestra and Choir surprise us with a gala of compelling nature, designed with projections of great visual strength and lighting that accentuates a sensory design of great magnitude.


“The Damned”, an umbrella that covers a heterogenous ensemble of musical misfortune: composers whose musical career was cut short, creators and creations unjustly  forgotten, spectacular debuts or musical pieces entangled with curses


Production Details


Musical Director: David Afkham

Choral Director: Miguel Ángel García Cañamero

Concept and Presentation: Félix Alcaraz

Art Direction: Salva Bota and Félix Alcaraz

Executive Production: Ángela Álvarez Rilla – Sintonía Media


Spanish National Choir Orchestra and Choir


A Sintonía Media production for the Spanish National Orchestra and Choir with the collaboration of Televisión Española