The Duke of Mantua is a libertine who commits to seduce every woman he desires, even if he has to kill her father or husband to do so. When Count Monterone comes to the palace seeking vengeance, the duke’s jester, Rigoletto, mocks him, and Monterone curses Rigoletto.

But Rigoletto has a double life; he is also the loving father of a secret child, Gilda. Annoyed by Rigoletto’s jibes, the noblemen plan to take revenge on him by kidnapping his daughter, who they believe is his lover. Rigoletto unintentionally becomes an accomplice to the kidnapping and later death of Gilda, and so the curse is fulfilled.

Baritone Leo Nucci, soprano Elena Mosuc and tenor Ismael Jordi have the leading roles in this ABAO/OLBE production directed for stage by Emilio Sagi, performed at the Euskalduna Jauregia Concert Hall in Bilbao as part of the “Tutto Verdi” series.


Stage Director: Emilio Sagi
Musical Director: Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez
Cast: Leo Nucci, Elena Mosuc, Ismael Jordi

A Sintonía Media production for ABAO-OLBE